Green business opportunities are blossoming in a range of different areas. Career choices are evolving to take advantage of the increased interest in environmentally-friendly practices that will also save people money. Governments are encouraging companies and consumers to invest in green technology, and this is opening up a whole new range of possible career paths.

Sustained growth despite economic downturn

An independent study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation found that four out of five people continued to buy green products and services regardless of the recent recession. This statistic reflects the fact that ethical and environmentally friendly consumption remains a top priority for consumers. Green business opportunities are continuing to thrive due to the possible economic savings that they create for the community.

Another recent trend is that many businesses can no longer afford not to consider their environmental impact. Such is the magnitude of the current environmental consciousness that failing to adopt environmentally-friendly practices can have a negative impact on companies. Customers are often deterred from businesses that are seen to have irresponsible or indifferent environmental policies. People are also becoming more aware of the various ways that they can benefit personally from adopting environmentally-friendly consumption practices. Simple lifestyle choices, such as using energy efficient light bulbs, solar power or an electric vehicle, can save substantial amounts of money. This is also assisting the growth of green business opportunities.

Green building and construction opportunities

There are untold green business ideas. One area where green business is doing particularly well is in the building and construction industry. People are increasingly interested in property modification or construction practices that are consistent with energy efficiency. The community now realizes that taking energy efficiency considerations into account in the design and construction of new buildings is an effective way to save money on future utility expenses. It is interesting to note that even at times when the building and construction industry as a wholes is in decline, green building activity is sustaining steady growth.

Green business opportunities in construction continue to rise as energy efficiency becomes a more significant concern for property owners, developers and investors. The growth in awareness of energy efficiency is now inextricably linked to the value of properties. People know that a building with a high energy rating is going to save them money in the long-term, and this generally translates into an increased sale price. This is creating a broad range of green career opportunities for architects, builders, tradesman, real estate agents and many other people who are connected with the property market.

Completing energy audit training is another way that people can benefit from the green business opportunities that exist in the property market. Energy auditing is becoming an integral part of property valuations as investors are increasingly interested in the future energy expenses of the building. This is fueling the demand for more energy auditors and making it a profitable career option for many people.

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