What is a Green Business?

It seems as if almost everyone is talking “Green.” Green is everywhere around us. Bill companies are going green, grocery stores are going green, everyone is cashing in on green, but do we fully understand what it is.

A green company or business is marked for its ability to decrease the impact made on the environment by waste, harmful chemicals and materials used to process or make products and services. The direct impact made from all of these products produce a gas which is referred to as carbon dioxide and is referred to as the carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint therefore branches off from ecological footprint analysis, which then examines the ecological capacity required to support the consumption of products. One of the most popular examples that we see today of going green is going paperless which is what the majority of bill companies and banks try to get us to do.

Instead of sending out paper and paying for stamps they want you to sign up for emails or create accounts online in which you can see your account activity and take care of your business without using or wasting paper. Green Businesses look for alternative ways to create or use products repetitively so we don’t have to produce new ones such as paper, lead pencils, emails and more products which are not harmful to the environment and still function the same or at a better level and preferably with a lower cost.

A company’s green initiative can include conserving materials through remanufacturing, converting harmful gases into clean energy, generating green power and improving fuel economy. Designing this for the environment is a process for a green business as well as making for a sustainable business.

This process aids the users into considering the potential for environmental impacts of a product and the process that is takes to make that product. In turn, weighing all of these options take time and effort which makes a business a good business because they want to get their products right in order to help the environment and therefore cut down or eliminate harmful wastes.

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