First, you have brought a lot of hope for the society by going green. The size of your enterprise does not matter because you can get financial help in many avenues. Most of these are funded by the state while others are under the non-governmental organizations that aim at promoting a greener society. For instance, the US government provides different funding for people whose enterprises aim at controlling pollution in the environment. This is through the Small Business Administration (SBA) that categorizes the grants and loans for different needs.

The government has realized the potential of small businesses in changing the societal approach to a greener world. For that reason, the funding assists the enterprises expand their niche, hire more workers and also get better equipment. Some of the grants nay have a limit on the amount you can get depending with the type of enterprise, though, in most cases, it will be sufficient for the need at hand. In addition, most of these are no interest grants that require you to service just the amount received. This allows any startup time to get sufficient profits for the running of the business and paying up.

In addition, various state departments have funds for the environmental-based businesses. This will be under the trade your business is in. If you have a solar panel production and installation company, you can check the energy ministry or department. For instance, in Minnesota, the department of employment and economic development, and the department of energy have different grants and funding for entrepreneurs in the green business. On the other hand, you can also get a personal loan from the banking institutions without having to seek the specified loans or the green enterprise. In that case, you will follow the normal procedure of getting a loan and present the collateral required. This allows you to get the maximum you are entitled to depending with your credit history and the account you hold.

The main stack with this financial help is the interest rate that you service the loan with. It might leave you dry for a few months though. The assistance might also include mentorship skills to help you fit in that industry and thus thrive in that line of service or work. This is mainly because most people in society have not yet accepted that green is the way to go. For instance, if your business involves recycling waste paper and producing toilet rolls amongst other products, you might get harsh comments from clients you approach to sell your products.

Some of them will claim they do not see the need to use recycled paper when the ‘cleaner’ type is in the market, others will say that they cannot stock such products in their stores because it will look like they are selling cheap stuff when they deal with a high-class client market. Such factors may force you to close shop because you need clients to survive. Therefore, when seeking financial help, look for an institution that will give you the marketing or organizational mentorship aside from the cash.

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